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Our products carry the Made in USA designation.


Our site is being migrated to a new host and is not complete yet.  Check in frequently over the next few weeks.

Our phone number is changing:

Old number: (979) 695-8416

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Drafting1.pngNeed some help with design, prototyping and patent application?  See our Technical Design section for options.  We can help you get those STL files for 3D printing too.

IMG_0423.JPGArt is great to hang on the wall ... even better if it is on something functional that you use all the time!  See our Functional Art for ideas using two types of art: old school hand rendered scrimshaw and engraving, and computer designed and automated machine produced artwork.  This topic also includes industrial marking services.

NightOwl1.jpgYa just never know when you're gonna run into a Zombie in the great Outdoors (or indoors for that matter), so check out the fight or flight gear to be prepared!

 In the lab, you need to cut specimens and test them to see if they are any good.  Have a look at the production and classroom lab equipment available, including the overlay tester and automated asphalt concrete saw.

In the process of prototyping and first article production, we often purchase parts and materials that are later changed for production models.  These surplus and used parts, tools, and machines are listed for sale on eBay and on this site.

Incorporated in 1995 to design, manufacture and market sample preparation and feedback controlled engineering materials testing equipment for flexible pavement laboratories, we are currently expanding into additional markets with new products.  Our website is migrating to a new host and the phone number will be changing.   Choose the "Contact Us" option to keep updated on the progress and new contact details.

We use the following vendors for design, shipping, and payment.  The logos are the property of their respective companies and do not represent an endorsement of or by any party.

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We accept Purchase Orders and payment by check or wire transfer from government entities.  Credit cards are accepted through the PayPal system.

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